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Principal's Message

November 14, 2017 Dear Holy Angels Community, As we approach Thanksgiving, I would like to take a moment to thank all of you for your presence in our wonderful school. Our school would be missing something without you. Each day, I feel blessed to walk into our school and classrooms to spend time with our students, teachers, and teacher aides. We have a very special community. Our students give me hope for our future. I am so fortunate to witness their brilliance each and every day. Our parents are so committed to their children and to helping our school. I am grateful to be included in the journey of helping to raise your children. Our faculty and staff are passionate and gifted. They are eager to share their best selves with our students every day, without fail. I wish for all of you to be filled with peace and joy throughout the Thanksgiving holiday. Yours in Christ,

​Michael Connell Principal


Kindness Corners:
Mrs. Kaspar’s 2nd Graders
Our second graders had a Thanksgiving conversation where they shared what they are most thankful for this year! Not one child said material things like toys, they all saw the big picture of what we can be thankful for this year. Everyone at Holy Angels is certainly thankful for our wonderful students, their families, our faculty and staff! 

I am thankful for....
Dyllan- “my family, my Grandpa, and friends.”
Raymond- “my family, my dogs, my grandparents, and my friends.”
Gio- “everything.”
Kimberly- “my family, friends, and pets.”
Ava- “my family, dog, and friends.”
Rayj- “my family.”
Aidan- “my kitten, my family, and my life.”
Alex- “my fish.”
Jillian- “everyone.”
Layla- “my family and friends.”
Andy- “my dog, my family, and my grandparent’s house.”
Luke- “my family and friends.”
Brianna- “my family and love.”
Olivia- “my family and friends.”
Adriana- “all the holidays.”
Alexa- “everything around me.”
Natalia- “my pets, friends, and family.”
Grace- “my brothers and sisters. Also my friends and family.”
Aurora- “everything in the universe.”
Amelia- “horses.”
Samantha- “my 12 animals.”
Josselyn- “my friends and family.”
Kevin-“everything in this whole entire world!”
Sebastian- “God, Jesus our Lord, and my family.”

2nd thanks