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Principal's Message

Please join me in this prayer which I shared with our students as we finished our wonderful school year. I hope you have a happy and healthy summer!

At the end of this school year we give thanks to God: For all the teaching and learning that have taken place in our school, both in and out of the classroom.

For the talents and gifts that have been shared and the challenges that have been faced. For the burdens that have been lifted and the hurts that have been healed.

For the respect and care that have been given. We give thanks for the friendships that have just be- gun and for those that have grown.

For the faith that has been lived in our daily struggles.

For the hope that has lifted our hearts on the dark days and for the love that has kept us going.

We give thanks for the community that we are and we ask you Lord – Bless our students as they begin their summer break - May your Spirit inspire them with confidence and calmness.

Bless our families as we take our holidays, may our time together leave us with memories to cherish.

Pour out your love on us that we may return renewed and refreshed to continue our journey together .

We make this prayer through Christ our Lord.

Thank you for the opportunity to educate your children. They inspire me each and every day!

Yours in Christ, Michael Connell Principal


This summer we will be running a spotlight series on some of our alumni! We hope this will inspire our students to see all of the wonderful things their predecessors have done after their years at Holy Angels, while also sharing some memories and insights during their Catholic elementary and middle school years!

1. Name: Daniel Bayley

2. Tell us a little about yourself now (occupation, family, pets, anything else of interest, etc):

I am a Writer/Producer for Nickelodeon working on Brand/Movies/Events and also help edit/create the content for the nostalgia channel, NickSplat. I have directed on-set for Nickelodeon, produced campaigns such as Kids’ Choice Sports and Hey Arnold: The Jungle Movie, and did voice-over for Youtube content.

Outside of work, I perform as a guitarist around Astoria in a band called Danger Dance and love to travel (I’ll be galivanting around Belgium in October for the first time).

3. Years you attended Holy Angels (please note your graduation year if you were a student through 8th grade):

I attended Holy Angels from 1995-2004, starting in Kindergarten and ending as a graduate in 8th grade in spring, 2004.

4. Favorite teacher while attending and why:

There truly were many that really helped define a year in my life and certainly that of my friends. Mrs. Crabtree in the 2nd grade I remember as the sweetest influence there was for a young child. Mrs. Tomasino in 5th grade certainly was a warm presence; I remember talking about the Oscar movies that came out that year (Cast Away, Gladiator, etc.) and it may have been the first time I’d had a teacher relate to me as a friend rather than just as a mentor.

I would say I have to highlight Mr. Holtz in the 6th grade though. He was willing to showcase my first movie, “The World is Definitely Enough” which was a James Bond spoof I made with my friends. Having a teacher and environment that embraced creativity outside of the classroom really is note-worthy.

5. Favorite subject while attending and why:

My favorite subject was probably English. I loved writing and story-telling and it always seemed like a breath of fresh air amongst the other necessary subjects.

6. How has attending a Catholic elementary school, Holy Angels, influenced your adult life?:

It’s influenced my life in so many ways. I met some of my lifelong best friends in my years there, and keep in touch with many through social media. Making my first films, acting in my first play, trying out sports and art…it all started there.

7. Favorite memory at Holy Angels:

If I had to pick a favorite memory, I’d say it was staring as the lead in the HARS production of Godspell in the 8th grade. We got to perform for the school in the middle of the day on a Thursday and showcasing the hard work and getting to miss class really felt like a culminating moment of my time there. I look back on that fondly.

8. Any other interesting stories to share from your time at Holy Angels:

Holy Angels is a unique experience not many kids will get to have. You have the opportunity to grow from Kindergarten to 8th grade in the same building and every year feels like a new chapter in your life. By the time you hit the 8th grade, you are surrounded by the “years” you’ve had behind you and are looking towards the future. I certainly say to any current student that you should not take any of that for granted because every year should be embraced as a new and contained journey.

9. Something to share about your faith- favorite part of attending church, favorite quote, favorite Bible story, etc:

No matter your religion and your journey through Catholicism, I think you should embrace church while at Holy Angels. There are many lessons to be learned about love and community that will help make you a better person. Also, I found a lot of platforms for learning music through learning songs from church. If you’re an aspiring musician, this is a great place to start!



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