Bring in a smock (that covers your uniform shirt) in to keep in Art room asap :)!! Please label smock with your name/grade. 

For HOMEWORK  (due November 13)we are writing responses based on the videos we view in class (all the videos are posted on our Art Class Google Classroom page).

The grading rubric for the writing response is grade of a 4 for more than 1 page with excellent effort/ mostly correct grammar & spelling, a grade of 3 for 1 page and average effort, grade of 2 for numerous writing mistakes and less than average effort,  a grade of 1 for minimal effort, a grade of  0 for no work turned in. In order to earn the highest grade of a 5,  you will also need to do some research on the background of Talavera art and the process. You can earn a 5 by telling me more about the history and any additional info you find in your research. It doesn't have to be extensive research that you do ;) just go above and beyond by writing more information than the material covered in class. Links to informative websites are posted within this main post.

Your writing response should answer these main questions:

What is Talavera Pottery used for?  

Describe some of the items that are made. 

What are some of the designs you see painted on this type of Pottery? 

How do artists make this Talavera Pottery? Describe the process step by step. 

Would you enjoy creating this type of art yourself? Why or why not?

Describe the use of Talavera Art within Churches. 
Why do you think artists thought decorating Churches was important?

For homework (due Thursday October 5, 2017) 
Papel Picado Writing response is due

Write a response including these 3 main ideas. 
Rubric 1- little effort shown 
 2- 1 paragraph 
 3-  2 paragraphs
 4- 3 paragraphs 
 5- above & beyond 

1. Describe the process of creating Papel Picado.

2. What is Papel Picado used for? 

 3. Name at least two common images that are seen in Papel Picado Designs.

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