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We have an exciting, productive year planned.  Please check our web page often for upcoming events, projects, homework, and other information.  Should you have any questions or concerns throughout the year, please do not hesitate to contact me via e-mail, a note, or call me at school.  Thank you for your continued support in your child's education.     mkeegan@holyangelsregional.org


Remember to F.R.O.G.=
Fully Rely On God

Have a wonderful summer!
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5/13 - Rocky went home with Victor over the weekend.  They ate breakfast and did a ton of things.  Rocky also met Victor's dog.
5/6 - Rocky spend the weekend with Sophia.  They played Clue, went to religion class, and visited Sophia's cousin.  They also baked brownies with Grandma, had frozen yogurt, and ate Sunday dinner together.  What a busy weekend!
4/29 - Rocky is spending Spring Recess with Aria.  They took a road trip to Florida and visited Aria's cousins.  They also went in the pool and on the waterslide!  They ate at Wawa when they got hungry.  They had so much fun!
​4/14 - Rocky and Isabella spent the weekend together.  They dug in the sand, jumped on the trampoline, went on the swings, and climbed a peach tree.  They also went for a bike ride.  They had a very busy weekend!
4/5 - Rocky spent the weekend with Dominic.  They celebrated Dominic's mom's birthday at Applebees and played Nintendo Switch.
​4/1 - Rocky and Emily had a fun weekend.  They saw Dumbo, watched Emily perform in a talent show, played with the iPad, and snuggled together.
3/26 - Rocky and Payton spent the weekend together.  He listened to her piano lesson and went to Albany to take her sister back to college.
3/18 - Rocky spent the weekend with Zacharie.  They watched Hotel Transylvania 2, played with the remote controlled car, made slime, and built a bionic bug. They had a busy weekend!
​3/11 - Rocky and Kylie spent the weekend together.  They went for a tube ride in the snow and played inside.  

2/11 - Rocky spent the weekend with Thaysha.  They watched a movie together and went to the park.
​2/4 - Rocky spent the weekend with Lexi.  They ate McDonald's, watched a movie, met the family, and played in the toy diner.  They have a wonderful weekend!
1/28 - Rocky spent the weekend with Leah.  He helped her with homework and they read a story together.  They also went to dance class together where Rocky saw our classmate, Isabella.  They had a great weekend!
​1/7 - Rocky spent the weekend with Graham.  Rocky watched Graham earn his orange belt in karate.  On Sunday, they went to church and rode Graham's quad together.
1/1 - Rocky went home with Liam over the break.  They visited family, played with Christmas new toys, and traveled to New Jersey to see Liam's grandpa.  They made it back home before midnight on New Year's Eve, but fell asleep before the ball dropped.

12/17 - Rocky went home with Brandon this weekend.  They ate Munchkins and played on the Switch, went to religion and painted a Mickey Mouse ornament, went to church, and met Brandon's cousins at a restaurant.  It was a very busy weekend!

12/10 - Mr. Rocky Crocky spent the weekend with Anya.  They went with Anya's Aunt Kelly to the Elm Avenue Light Show.
12/3 - Mr. Rocky Crocky spent the weekend with Rylie.  He helped her find her elves.



You may click the Scholastic link on the left to order books each month.  Every purchase you make earns free books for our classroom.  Our class activation code is H2KJ7.
Each day, your child will write their homework in their planner.  Please check the planner each night and sign it.  They will also bring their Home Folder.  Please check it each night and empty any papers.  Children are also asked to take home pencils that need to be sharpened and return the next day.

Dismissal Policy
All changes in dismissal are to be made by note.  If a note is not received, your child's regular dismissal will be followed.  You may print and send in the dismissal form from the link on the left.

Please send in an absence note when your child returns to school, even if you have called the school. A note must be on file for all absences.  Thank you.  You may print and send in the absence form from the link on the left.  

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