Welcome to 1A!
We have an exciting, productive year planned.  Please check our web page often for upcoming events, projects, homework, and other information.  Should you have any questions or concerns throughout the year, please do not hesitate to contact me via e-mail, a note, or call me at school.  Thank you for your continued support in your child's education.     mkeegan@holyangelsregional.org


The Math Test Scheduled for Friday, is rescheduled for Tuesday, 9/25/18.

Remember to F.R.O.G.=
Fully Rely On God

This Week's Highlights...
RELIGION - We will understand that we are Catholic and that the cross is a sign of Jesus’ love for us.  We will go to the Church and identify objects we see in Church. MATH – We will review finding sums, and begin finding the sum of 3 addends.  ELA - We will identify story structure, understand characters, identify and use verbs, and focus on short i words.  SCIENCE - We will learn about the process scientists use in their investigations.

Spelling Words

if     is     him     rip     fit     pin

Sight Words
for     he     what     look     have     too

Mr. Rocky Crocky will be visiting 1A families this year, coming soon.

We can't wait for our first Mystery Reader visit!

You may click the Scholastic link on the left to order books each month.  Every purchase you make earns free books for our classroom.  Our class activation code is H2KJ7.
Each day, your child will write their homework in their planner.  Please check the planner each night and sign it.  They will also bring their Home Folder.  Please check it each night and empty any papers.  Children are also asked to take home pencils that need to be sharpened and return the next day.

Dismissal Policy
All changes in dismissal are to be made by note.  If a note is not received, your child's regular dismissal will be followed.  You may print and send in the dismissal form from the link on the left.

Please send in an absence note when your child returns to school, even if you have called the school. A note must be on file for all absences.  Thank you.  You may print and send in the absence form from the link on the left.  

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