1st Grade Sight Words
Sight Words

Unit 1
Lesson 1: and you be play help with
Lesson 2: for he what look have too
Lesson 3: do sing find no funny they
Lesson 4: all me does my here who
Lesson 5: friend hold full many good pull

Unit 2
Lesson 6: away call come every hear said
Lesson 7: animal of how some make why
Lesson 8: her she now today our would
Lesson 9: after draw read was write pictures
Lesson 10: eat put give small one take

Unit 3
Lesson 11:   blue     little     water     cold     live     where     far     their
Lesson 12: been     never     own     brown     off     very     know     out
Lesson 13: down     green     open     fall     grow     yellow     goes     new
Lesson 14: four     over     two     five     starts     watch     into     three
Lesson 15: bird     fly     those     both     long     walk     eyes     or

Unit 4
Lesson 16: around   bring   show   because   carry   think   before   light
Lesson 17: about   by   car   could   don't   maybe   sure   there
Lesson 18: first   food   ground   right   sometimes   these   under   your
Lesson 19: done   great   laugh   paper   soon   talk   were   work
Lesson 20: door   more   mother   old   try   use   want   wash

Unit 5
Lesson 21: few   window   shall   night   noise   world   loudly   story
Lesson 22: baby   begins   eight   follow   learning   until   years   young
Lesson 23: again   along   began   boy   father   house   nothing   together
Lesson 24: ready   kinds   covers   country   earth   warms   soil   almost
Lesson 25: buy   city   family   myself   party   please   school   seven

Unit 6
Lesson 26: above   bear   even   pushed   studied   surprised   teacher   toward
Lesson 27: always   happy   once   different   high   stories   enough   near
Lesson 28: across   head   second   ball   heard   should   cried   large
Lesson 29: caught   thought   beautiful   took   minute   friendship   listen   idea
Lesson 30: brothers   loved   people   everyone   most   sorry   field   only

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