Science 6A


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​Week of 11/05/2018- 11/09/2018.

​Monday 11/05. No homework.
​Tuesday 11/06. Review for Unit test.
​Wednesday 11/07. Review for Unit test.
Thursday 11/08. Field Trip.
​Friday 11/09. Unit Test.

Week of 11/12/2018 - 11/16/2018.
Monday 11/12 : Veterans Day.

Tuesday 11/13 : Homework: Describe two ways in which an animal can become fossilized.

Wednesday 11/14: Review for test on Erosion and Deposition.

Thursday 11/15 : Test Erosion and Deposition

Friday 11/16 : Trace fossils and what can fossils tell us. 
Homework: Graphing skills, Comparing the weathering rates of different rocks.