Spanish 5th Grade

Bienvenidos a la clase de Espanol 

Welcome to Spanish!!!

This year students will be learning various aspects of the Spanish language. We will be comparing and contrasting Spanish to English. We will be learning Spanish greetings and how to introduce yourself and talk about how you are feeling. Students will be learning that in Spanish there are two ways of saying "to be" and how they are used. Students will also learn that there is a "formal" and a "familiar" way of saying "you". Students will be learning the days of the week, months of the year, seasons, and weather. Students will learn numbers and various ways of telling time. We will be learning school subjects in Spanish and students will talk about their class schedules. 
Students will be able to tell where they are from and talk about family members. Students will talk about how they are feeling. Students will talk about what they like and don't like to do.
Students will learn various verbs and their conjugations in the present tense.

This year we will be using an electronic version of Avancemos. Students will receive their login information soon. Student work will be completed online. Homework and classwork assignments  assignments will be posted below. 

Students must bring a dictionary and all other supplies  to every class.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact me:

The link below will take you to the student log in instruction page for the online textbook. A link to the syllabus is below. 

Extra help available on Tuesdays after school at 2:45. Students need to sign up for extra help ahead of time. Students will be give a sign up sheet in class.
**** Students need to come to extra help with questions****

***Next quiz will be on 3/21 Please study the following:  Gustar and ser conjugations

Students-Log In.pdf

Check back soon for more updates

4/2- Telehistoria escena 1- complete Act. 3 on pg 63-64 . Complete Did you get it on pg. 65
3/29- Vocabulario A y B pgs. 24-25
2/28-  Return quizzes
3/26-  Go over vocabulary pg.  Complete Act. 1-2.
3/22- HALF DAY
3/21- QUIZ- "SER" AND "GUSTAR". Begin Unit 1 Lesson 2 Vocabulary
3/19- Review for quiz- "Gustar" and "ser" 
3/15-Read pg. 44 Complete Activities 15-16 on pgs. 45-46
3/14- Finish pgs. 35-37. Go over answers
3/12- Go over pgs. 32-34. Review the verb gustar. Begin working on pages 35-37
3/8- Students continue to work on pgs. 32-34.
3/5- Continue talking about the verb "ser" which is used to talk about telling where someone is from. Complete worksheet pgs. 32-34
3/1- Read Telehistoria escena 2
2/28- Finish page 6. Read Telehistoria 2 & complete Activity 12.
2/26- The verb "ser". Complete page 14. Begin page 6
2/15- Complete Lectura A. Describing oneself & others.
2/14-Gramatica A- pg 5 Read Telehistoria escena 2. Complete Act 12-13
2/11- Complete Act 7-9. on pgs. 39-40
2/8- Introduce "ser" and "ser de" Presentacion de gramatica pg. 38. Subject pronouns. Complete Act. 6 on pg. 39. 
2/7- Complete Act 5 in groups. Complete para y piesna on pg 37. 
2/5- Complete Act, 3. Review weather expressions- Complete Act 4
1/29- Return test and go over answers
1/25. Quiz. Read Telehistoria escena 1
1/24- Review for quiz
1/10- Continue with Unit 1 Lesson 1 vocabulary. The use of the verb "gustar"
1/8- Complete Act. 23 & 24 on pg. 24 in book. Begin Unit 1 Lesson 1
1/4- Complete vocabulary sheet.
1/3- Return test and go over  answers. Begin new vocabulary- classroom 
12/20- Test
12/13- test review
12/11-  Seasons
12/6- Go over homework. Days of the week, months
12/4- "SER" worksheet.  Numbers 1-31. Days of the week. Telling the date.
11/20- Continue numbers 1-10, talking about your phone number
11/29- Finish going over review packet & begin numbers 1-10
11/27- Finish working on review packet and begin going over answers
11/16- begin review packet- greetings, uses and conjugations of "ser" and "estar"
11/15- "ser" = to be conjugations. Asking where you are from.
11/13- Review alphabet. Students work in groups of 2-3 to complete activity 9 on page 11. Ask one another their name. The person who answers will spell their name for the other.
11/8 Introducing other people, continue greetings, 
11/6 Return quizzes. Go over answers
11/2  Vocabulary Quiz- Leccion Preliminar Vocabulario- Leccion Preliminar.pdf

10/30 quiz review

10/25- Complete Act. 1-2 on pg 4. Review common Spanish names and their English equivalents
10/12- Preliminary unit vocabulary. Vocabulario- Leccion Preliminar.pdf

10/11- Return quiz. Go over quiz 

10/9- Introduce online textbook. Instruct students how to Log in.

4/2- No HW
3/29- No HW
3/26- did you get it? on pg 63
3/22- No HW
3/21- Finish vocabulary page. Unit 5 Lesson 2
19- Study for quiz
3/15- Study for quiz
3/14- Study for quiz. Write 5 questions for quiz
3/12- Write 5 questions for the quiz next week (due 3/15)
3/8- NO HW
3/7- NO HW
3/5- NO HW
3/1- No HW
2/28- Para y Piensa on pg. 43
2/26- No HW
2/15- NO HW
2/14-Gramatica B pg. 6 worksheet
2/11- Complete "Para y Piensa" on pg. 41
2/8- No HW
2/5- Complete pg. 12 Prueba 2
1/29- No HW
1/24- Study for quiz.
1/10- Write 5 things you like or don't like to do
1/3- Return signed test
12/11- Study for test
12/6- Complete Activity 15 on pg. 17
12/4- Finish numbers worksheet
11/13- No homework
11/8 Activity 5 on pg. 8
11/6- Sign quiz, quiz corrections
11/2- no homework

10/30 study for quiz- log in to etext at and  select leccion preliminar from drop down menu, click go and then click on student resources and click on review and chose vocabulary flashcards. additional vocabulary page can be found on page  on 25 in textbook

10/19- No homework

10/12- No homework.

10/11- No homework

10/8- Due 10/11 Log in to textbook at home. Sign and return acknowledgement sheet. Log in acknowledgement.pdf

Due 9/20/18 Conjugation worksheet. Complete front & back
Conjugation_Practice_1.359123828- AR verbs.pdf
Conjugation_Practice_2.359123936 -AR verbs.pdf

Due 9/13/18-
-Bring all necessary supplies - all information is in syllabus given to students.

-Sign syllabus and bring back last page. Put the other pages in binder

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