Spanish 8th Grade


Welcome to Spanish!!!

This year we will continue to use the online textbook. The online textbook can be accessed on any device with internet access. Students will receive log in information and instructions on how to usethe textbook. We will continue to learn about different Spanish speaking countriesaround the world. We will be continue to learn new verbs in the present tense and how to use the simple future tense.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me:

The link below will take you to the student log in instruction page for the online textbook.


Students-Log In.pdf

Extra help available on Tuesdays after school at 2:30. Students need to sign up for extra help ahead of time. Students will be give a sign up sheet in class.
**** Students need to come to extra help with questions****

Check back soon for more updates


-Review verb conjugations- regular present tense endings for -AR, -ER, and IR

Quiz 1.docx

****Quiz on verb conjugations will be on ****


Due 9/13/18- 
-Bring all necessary supplies - all information is in syllabus given to students.

-Sign syllabus and bring back last page. Put the other pages in binder

-Due 9/14- AR verb conjugation worksheet. Complete both sides of worksheet.

Conjugation_Practice_1.359123828- AR verbs.pdf

Conjugation_Practice_2.359123936 -AR verbs.pdf