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​****Mrs. Ward's Kindergarten****

Welcome to Kindergarten! I'm looking forward to a great year of learning, laughter, and love!

Check this website frequently for important dates, events, and homework assignments.

Backpack.png  SPECIALS:
Monday: Art and Library
Tuesday: Phys. Ed~ children wear gym uniforms and sneakers to school
Wednesday: Phys. Ed.~ children wear gym uniforms and sneakers to school
Thursday: Technology
 Friday: Music

Extra help will be offered Wednesdays from 2:45 to 3:15.  Please send in a change in dismissal form each time you want your child to attend. 

*Please save Boxtops for Education all year :)

* As part of their daily homework, please read at least 10 minutes each night with your child and log it on the Reading calendar.

* Please help your child practice putting on their jacket as well as zippering, buttoning, and snapping it.

* Please check and sign your child's homework each night. All tests should be signed as well and returned the following day.

* Each child should come to school with a healthy snack.

 *Absent notes must be sent in the day your child returns to school.  

*Winter uniforms extended to 10/27

*Spring/Summer uniforms begin 5/1

* Please send in a written note when requesting a change in dismissal.

* SCHOOL DISMISSAL POLICY: All changes in dismissal and aftercare need to be made, each and every time, by a written note.  If notes are not received, the regular dismissal procedure will be followed.

* Scholastic Book Club order forms will be sent home about once a month. If you wish to order online our access code is H2PD3.

*  Any questions or concerns?  Send in a note or email me at

Nice.png Please study all sight words: (* indicates sight words taught)

Triangle Sandwich.pngLunches on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday will cost $4.50 per lunch, and on Wednesday and Friday (Pizza days) lunch will cost $2.50 per slice. Please send in exact change.  You should refer to the lunch menu that was sent home to view the selections.