A Message From the School Board

A Message from the School Board


We, the members of the Holy Angels School Board, welcome you and ask you to consider giving your child the lifelong gift of a Catholic school education.  We have much to be proud of here at Holy Angels and the following facts are provided to help illustrate what we have to offer, and to dispute some misconceptions the general public may have about Catholic schools.


v  Holy Angels Regional School follows the New York State curriculum and all students take the New York State Standards exams.

v  Scores are consistently high for Holy Angels Regional School students on the New York State Standards exams.

v  The teachers of Holy Angels Regional School are fully certified by New York State.  Our teachers are concerned, giving professionals who treat teaching as a vocation rather than a job.

v  Holy Angels Regional School has a computer lab and interactive smart boards in all classrooms.  Each computer in our lab has controlled Internet access and up-to-date software that allow students to work on math, language arts activities and more. Each classroom has Internet access directed by the teacher.  Our teachers attend workshops regularly to keep current on the latest educational uses of technology.

v  Tuition is reasonable.  It is particularly affordable when compared to the cost of preschool.

v  Discipline and a pervasive Christian attitude produce an environment conducive to learning.  Good conduct is achieved through the provision of a rule system which is consistently enforced.  Our students know what is expected of them and act accordingly, treating each other and their teachers with respect.

v  Holy Angels offers a wide range of after school activities.  A school play is produced every spring.  After school care is available until 6:00 every day.

v  Parents are offered opportunities to be involved in the school through volunteer activities.


The primary reason for sending a child to Holy Angels is to provide the child with an education rich in the morals, values and beliefs of Catholic Christianity.  Here the child will experience what it means to be a Catholic every day, all day.  At Holy Angels, your child will receive an academically and spiritually enriched education.  This is why we send our children to Holy Angels and why we are so proud of this school.